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Unlock Your Cards' Full Potential

Expert evaluation, preparation, and grading submissions for sports card collectors

The On Deck Tech LLC:
Where Passion Meets Integrity

The On Deck Tech is a premier Sports Card Evaluation, Preparation, and Submission service provider for collectors of all levels. The On Deck Tech is the perfect choice for both casual and professional collectors.

Why Choose
The On Deck Tech?


Expert Card Care

Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In order to give the best level of accuracy when submitting your cards for grading, we keep up with trends, approaches, and procedures.


Collector Commitment

We are committed to providing unmatched service for each and every one of our customers. Our website's streamlined interface makes sending cards for grading and authentication simple. We value your time and strive to complete your project quickly without sacrificing quality.


Proven System

Collectors can learn more about the worth and condition of their sports cards by using a thorough evaluation approach and taking use of submission services. This enables them to make more educated decisions and get the most out of their potential investments.

"I am delighted to provide my heartfelt endorsement for The On Deck Tech and its founder Bruce. Having had the pleasure of working with them, I am eager to share my positive experience and vouch for their reliability, honesty, and exceptional work ethic.  In my interactions with Bruce, I have found them to be dependable and trustworthy, qualities that are invaluable in the business world. Their transparent communication and straightforward approach set them apart, fostering a relationship of trust and openness. It's refreshing to work with a company that values honesty as much as they do, creating a positive and transparent business environment. I wholeheartedly endorse The On Deck Tech and its founder Bruce. Their reliability, honesty, and hard work, coupled with their expertise in preparing cards, make them an excellent choice for anyone seeking top-notch services."

Kurt Colone, Kurts Card Care

Get Your Cards Graded with Confidence
Evaluation, Preparation, Submission

Meet Our Founder

Bruce Wiley

I started this company because I believe that sports aren’t just a form of entertainment, but a means of bringing people together through common ground. Sports have carried our Nation through challenging times, broken barriers, and served as the metaphorical “round table,” to put aside our differences with one another for a common goal.


They distract us from our busy lives and allow us to be present and live in the moment.


These moments we create either at the game or in our living rooms in front of the TV, deserve to be cherished, preserved, and passed down in the form of memories and traditions to the next generations of fans. Sports are an art form that deserves to be seen and shared throughout the world, they give us hope and a platform to demonstrate our individual pride. Pride in our Nations, our cultures, our accomplishments but most of all sports can unite us.


We don’t all have the means or time to visit the hall of fame museums, buy season tickets, or watch our favorite team on TV whenever we want to. However, it’s more likely we can open our closet and pull out that old box of cards and reminisce one card at a time or hop on to our computers or cell phones and engage in conversations with those folks who share our passion about the hobby. I want to be instrumental in preserving this art form.

Bruce Wiley of The On Deck Tech
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