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Thanks for Your Submission

You will also receive an email with these next steps to get your card properly submitted to
The On Deck Tech

  1. Please ensure your cards are properly packaged and mailed to: The On Deck Tech LLC P.O. Box 457 Williams Bay, WI 53191

  2. Please refrain from using scotch tape to secure your cards in their top loaders. If you feel more comfortable taping your top loaders, please use a masking/painters tape instead.

  3. For Service Tiers I and II, please allow 15-20 business days for turnaround. The turnaround time begins the first business day after the cards have been received.

  4. Please reply to the instruction email with the tracking information for your submission.

For your protection, you may choose to insure your package.  The On Deck Tech, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged shipping materials.

To Follow Your Card Progress Click Here:

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